About Me

Paul's Bio

I Have been a keen photographer for about 30 years now, I started my journey with a Praktika Mtl5 35mm camera I took photos of anything I could back then just to try and learn.

In 2003 I moved onto the digital camera a Canon 300d this was quite a new thing being able to see the image you have just taken instantly. I progressed onto newer Models and found myself settling on the Aviation photography as my main subject. I just love to photograph those old Aircraft.

A while back I read an Article on Landscape Photography, The section on Waterfalls started to interest me, So off I went to give it a try, Not a great success for me first time out but I did meet a few photographers using Medium format, I'll be honest not a thing I had thought of doing, until I was invited to look into the view finder.

Wow that big, clear, Bright image.

After Researching everything I could on Medium format cameras on the Internet, I settled for the Bronica SQ outfit reasonably Priced.(The Hasselblad is the Holy grail. Maybe one day.)

So after some testing, It was Autumn 2019 I took the Camera with me to Several National trust Venues of which I have been a member for a few years. Shot off a role or two of black and white and colour and sent them to the Lab. I must admit I had not shot or developed film since 2003, How much?

Now I have always liked an image taken in Black & White So that is where I am at the moment, I have learned to develop Black and white film at home and I purchased a scanner to scan to the Computer.

I am enjoying medium format and getting back to film, Long may it continue.